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World Stone & Design, LLC. is located at the West End of Panama City Beach, FL. From this location we can provide North Florida with high quality slabs of natural stone and our skilled craftsmen can create what you need to complete your interior design desires. Our work will complete your kitchen or bathroom remodel perfectly. We stock some great surface materials for fireplace surrounds, bar backs, wall treatments, and so much more. We are ready to set up your free consultation. We're flexible, professional, and with a focus on delivering timely construction and a fair price for our products and services. We have been proudly serving The Panhandle since 2003. Let's discuss your next natural stone project.

Our Materials
Granite is timeless in prestige and design. This natural stone is rich in look and extremely hard by feel. It’s not quite as hard as Quartz but offers much of the same lifestyle characteristics as Quartzite. There are endless variations in the coloring and patterns, so there is usually a great match for your specific design needs. Give World Stone & Design a call with any questions about Granite.
Quartz is a man-made (engineered) material made up of mostly loose quartz and then some binders and additives to customize the final look. Because of the manufacturing process of quartz, it is sealed for less concern with wine spills. This quality countertop material is not as hard as Quartzite, but close to it. If you would like free assistance with fabricating your next Quartz project please give us a call.
Marble is very popular for making countertops and other architectural elements in any luxurious property anywhere in the world. So many colors and patterns where it’s beyond measure. Its heat resistant and take hold up to daily wear extremely well. Marble is one of those materials that needs to be sealed, which is something World Stone & Design can handle for you.
Quartzite is another natural stone that is perfect for making countertops and work surfaces. Created by the earth applying heat and pressure to sandstone. The results are stunningly beautiful and functional. Quartzite is harder than Granite and often in strong hues of white and black with some pink, red, green, or other more vibrant undertones. Let’s discuss your countertops or fireplace surround, or something grand in your decor. The craftsmen at World Stone & Design are ready to assist you today.
Soapstone is another natural stone material that make the perfect countertop material. Granite is a harder material but Soapstone is more durable. It’s non-porous, does not need sealing, and can take some abuse and withstand it, too. If you are in Panama City Beach, stop by and discuss your next project with the craftsmen at World Stone & Design.
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Do you need some free kitchen & bath design help? Maybe you are shopping for new countertops, fireplace surrounds, backsplashes, showers, or walls and need some professional advice about fabricating custom countertops? No problem at all. We love matching up the project and purpose to the right stone material. We work earnestly to be punctual and provide high quality workmanship for a fair price.

World Stone & Design is located at the West End of Panama City Beach, Florida. Please give us a call today to arrange your free informational appointment. We can show you slabs of our stone materials that are in stock and discuss the details of your exciting construction project in the Bay County area. We are flexible and friendly with all of the help you need.