Quartzite is another natural stone that is perfect for making countertops and work surfaces. Created by the earth applying heat and pressure to sandstone. The results are stunningly beautiful and functional. Quartzite is harder than Granite and often in strong hues of white and black with some pink, red, green, or other more vibrant undertones. Let’s discuss your countertops or fireplace surround, or something grand in your decor. The craftsmen at World Stone & Design are ready to assist you today.

World Stone & Design, LLC., build countertops out of Quartzite and natural stones materials we stock. We get slabs of Quartzite from the quarry. We design, fabricate, and install Quartzite for a seamless process, from start to finish. We are passionate about natural stones like Quartzite and enjoy discussing construction projects using natural stone and related materials. We are here to assist you in using Quartzite with your design ideas. Let's discuss your project possibilities!

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