Kitchen Design

World Stone & Design, LLC., are here to help you with the kitchen design process. With so many decisions to make, that each impacts the project, we understand how best to assist you in a simple way that you can understand. We work with the best cabinetmakers and have assisted with all sorts of stone projects that range from basic to custom.

If you do not have the measurements of your kitchen you will need to start with that. Measure each wall and mark all electrical and plumbing, plus any windows, doors, or other special design elements you will be working with. Be sure to take your time and make sure to double check all numbers. Any time spent during this step will be rewarded throughout the entire design-build process.

We can provide a lot of useful information to you about your kitchen design from your kitchen layout with measurements. Give us a call today to discuss your next kitchen design project, like custom countertops.

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